Single Origin Coffee Nusantara
Single Origin Coffee Nusantara
Single Origin Coffee Nusantara
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20 Jan 2020
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Specification of Single Origin Coffee Nusantara

Sell Single Origin Coffee Nusantara

Single Origin Coffee with the nickname, means coffee which is derived from the same area without any mixture of coffee other areas and usually the coffee is premium quality with very good quality, as well as the coffee taste different from one another. Therefore, coffee Single Origin usual her in the process in a modern and in though are very conscientious about not own a coffee defects, in because coffee Single Origin more feature coffee flavors typical of the region masing2 and therefore we throw away all the coffee deform mask the taste on coffee itself.

Available in:
Bean Or Ground
200gr and 1000gr:
1. Gayo Mondel - 200gr (70,000) - 1000gr (220,000)
2. Mandheling - 200gr (70,000) - 1000gr (220,000)
3. Java Woles - 200gr (70,000) - 1000gr (220,000)
4. Toraja Napo - 200gr (70,000) - 1000gr (220,000)
5. Bajawa Loes - 200gr (70,000) - 1000gr (220,000)
6. Papua Wamena - 200gr (75,000) - 1000gr (240,000)
7. Bali Spools - 200gr (70,000) - 1000gr (220,000)

With the capital that has been running the family business 80 years under the brand name "Mas Cup", has been on the run it by two generations. With the taste of coffee that had been strongly attached to the community in the village, motivating us continue to grow and produce the best coffees until now, after a long time to produce the best coffee at affordable prices cashed our family principles and techniques that fall termurun roasting. Given the loyalty of the community towards our coffee, I finally from the 3rd generation coffee cup mas, was inspired to build a coffee business with the brand "Worcas Coffee" which combines the technique of roasting, the science of the modern coffee.
I am using "Worcas Coffee" as the brand of the product, with the inspiration to create Coffee Coffee Indonesia reached the stage of international quality, because it believes in Indonesian Coffee Coffee has a very distinctive flavor and delicious. I therefore use the "Worcas Coffee" is derived from the word "World Class Coffee" (Coffee World Class), which is shortened to "Worcas Coffee". Therefore we of "Worcas Coffee" only produce coffee products from various regions in the archipelago with international quality such as Robusta, Arabica and Mongoose is illegal. All our products in a professional manner if using the organic coffee archipelago, in the sorting manually, wild civet coffee, processed accurately and in roasting using modern machines.

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Worcas Nusantara Abadi merupakan supplier kopi luwak terbesar di Indonesia, kopi luwak yang Kami jual merupakan produk yang berkualitas dan harga kopi luwak yang Kami tawarakan relatif lebih murah dari pasaran.

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Worcas Nusantara Abadi menjual berbagai macam varietas kopi asli. Produk kopi yang Kami jual sudah di jamin memiliki kuliatas bagus dan harga yang terjangkau.

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Worcas Nusantara Abadi menjual berbagai macam kopi seperti Kopi Single Origin Nusantara, Kopi Espresso Blend selain produk kopi Kami juga menjual alat pembuat kopi dan banyak lagi.

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