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Espresso Coffee Blend
Espresso Coffee Blend
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Sell Espresso Coffee Blend

Espresso blends is coffee that is in blending with several kinds of coffee choices raciK specifically to drink espresso, cappuccino and a wide variety of coffee drinks, Ordinary its in use at the cafe the cafe to make espresso drinks with flavor khasdan has a distinct taste of its own , commonly-nyacocok in the present role in the form of espresso, americano, long black, cappuccino, latte and a variety of other coffee drinks her. Olehkarenaitu we mix three kinds of special espresso blend that in khususkanuntukkafe, restorandan hotel, with the use of seeds of coffee increments which have a perfect flavor and are in the process in a professional manner from the processing of coffee beans mentahsampai coffee already roasted.
Only available in 1000gr / Packs. Sidikalang King (80% -20%)
- Thick crema, nutty, delicate and full-bodied Price
- Rp 125,000 / Kg #. Polomero (50% -50%)
- Thick crema, fruity, vanilla, and chocolately Price
- Rp 150,000 / Kg #. Mapiole (Fully Arabica)
- Golden crema, winey, blackberry and sweet Price
- Rp 200,000 / Kg

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Supplier Kopi Luwak Asli

Worcas Nusantara Abadi merupakan supplier kopi luwak terbesar di Indonesia, kopi luwak yang Kami jual merupakan produk yang berkualitas dan harga kopi luwak yang Kami tawarakan relatif lebih murah dari pasaran.

Jual Kopi Asli Harga Murah

Worcas Nusantara Abadi menjual berbagai macam varietas kopi asli. Produk kopi yang Kami jual sudah di jamin memiliki kuliatas bagus dan harga yang terjangkau.

Distributor Kopi Asli

Worcas Nusantara Abadi menjual berbagai macam kopi seperti Kopi Single Origin Nusantara, Kopi Espresso Blend selain produk kopi Kami juga menjual alat pembuat kopi dan banyak lagi.

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